Stur-Dee Metal Products is a leading supplier of Custom Metal Fabrication in the United States
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While Stur-Dee Metal Products calls Chicago home, we are well equipped to provide for all your custom metal fabrication needs throughout the United States.

For nearly 50 years, we have been producing a wide range of items for clients in need of custom metal fabrication in Chicago, and the whole of the United States. We can create or repair items, based on your specifications, and our policy of "no job too small" means that you can count on Stur-Dee Metal for any custom metal fabrication order in the United States. See below for a sampling of the many custom metal fabrication jobs we can produce here at Stur-Dee Metal in Chicago.

Custom Metal Fabrication Parts or Repair for the Home, such as:

  • Balcony or Stair Railing Parts
  • Parts for Repair of Bookshelves
  • Brackets and Parts for Indoor or Outdoor Furnishings
  • Decorative Metal Parts
  • Fence Posts Parts
  • Parts to Repair Fireplace Accessories
  • Hanging Pot and Pan Holders Repair Parts
  • Parts for Kitchen Backsplashes
  • Protective Window Bar Parts
  • Stove Hood Repair Parts

Custom Metal Fabrication or Repair for Outdoor Activities, such as:

  • Playground Equipment Maintenance Parts
  • Repair and Maintenance of parts for Garden Supplies
  • Metal Parts for Repair of Sporting and Recreation Equipment

Custom Metal Fabrication or Repair for Industry, such as:

  • Component Parts for Container Chassis
  • Custom Truck Metal Fabrication Parts
  • Trash Collecting Equipment Parts
  • Restaurant Grease Trap Maintenance Parts
  • Parts for Maintenance of Shipping Pallets
  • Stairpans and Staircase Metal Steel Fabrication

These lists just give you a brief glimpse at the many options for the custom metal products we can create. Whatever your custom metal fabrication need in the United States, Stur-Dee Metal can supply it—whether you need one or one thousand—contact us today!