Stur-Dee Metal Products creates Custom Metal Fabrication for Trash Collecting Equipment Parts
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Trash Collecting is a demanding job where your equipment takes a beating day in and day out. Demanding conditions can contribute to undue wear and tear on your equipment.

In a business where your equipment is necessary to get the job done, you can’t afford down time due to equipment problems. Stur-Dee Metal Products is committed to helping you minimize your down time by providing trash collecting equipment parts fabrication for your entire equipment repair and maintenance needs. Let Stur-Dee Metal create various steel members for repair of trash collecting boxes and containers. Trash collecting equipment parts include heavy plate burnouts for hinge points, locks, lifting hooks, and more. Stur-Dee will also construct custom metal fabrication parts for fenders, trap boxes, steps, hydraulic line covers and dispatch book pockets for all types and styles of trash collecting equipment.

Steel tag replacement parts for trash cans, dumpster covers and dumpster pads are all parts which Stur-Dee Metal can fabricate to maintain the function and structural integrity of trash collection boxes and containers. Simply provide Stur-Dee Metal with your broken or worn part for dumpster covers, dumpster pads or steel tag replacement parts for trash cans and Stur-Dee will fabricate a copy of the part to get your equipment back in action.

Have a unique trash collecting equipment fabrication request? Fax us your basic sketch, provide a sample item or your specifications and Stur-Dee Metal Products will produce your custom trash collecting equipment part to your needs today!