Stur-Dee Metal Products Company History
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Stur-Dee Metal Products was founded in 1959 by Thomas A. Kaliski and Otis Greathouse.

As veterans of the metal manufacturing industry, the two men brought extensive experience into their new business. Stur-Dee Metal was named for its original signature product: the "Super Stur-Dee Grille Guard" for trucks. This grille was produced in vast quantities to meet the needs of truck owners, who wanted greater protection for the front end of their trucks than manufacturers provided. The original shop, at 2446 South Prairie, produced thousands of these grilles in the early years of the company.

As time passed, Stur-Dee Metal expanded into general fabrication, creating custom metal pieces ranging from restaurant grease traps to trailer parts to container chassis. In 1962, in order to have greater access to transportation for their clients, Stur-Dee Metal moved to its current location at West 35th Street.

When Thomas and Otis retired, they left the business in trusted hands: Thomas' nephew, Thomas "Zeke" Kaliski, and Howard Groves, who began working at Stur-Dee Metal in 1963. Currently, Zeke Kaliski and Howard’s son Jeff Groves maintain Stur-Dee Metal’s reputation for quality fabrication and excellent service.

Because of the capacity of the shop and the dedication of the employees, Stur-Dee Metal is thriving in Chicago as it nears its 50th year in business.